Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's against my religion, I tell ya!

It's that time of year. I find myself ranting like an old lady. Remember that cartoon, Maxine? I probably resemble her a little bit.

People are starting to decorate for Halloween around here, and the same will continue for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I like decorations. In fact, I love decorations, especially for Christmas.  My husband teases me about how much Christmas stuff I have. It's nothing compared to my mother. She has loads more than I do.

But the one thing I really cannot stand, that I find absolutely tacky and ridiculous and it's just not what I like at all, are:  lawn inflatables.  I don't know how to describe it really, but I just think they're so awful.  I'm down with spider webs, grave stones and pumpkins.  I like the twinkle of lights, and maybe even Santa with his sleigh or some solo reindeer with white lights.  But a blow-up pumpkin, turkey or Santa, I can do without. The worst are those Christmas inflatables, like a snow globe, with snow blowing around. I just find myself wondering who thought these were a good idea. And then, in the daytime, you get to see a messy front yard with sad pools of fabric waiting for night to fall.  I guess I think it just sort of dumbs it all down too much.

This might be your cup of tea, but it's against my religion, I tell ya! No, thank you. 


Jessica said...

I agree. Hideous! And some people have three of these beasts in their yard. What a junky waste of money.

rdog21 said...

I know you hate those pesky inflatables!

Allison Szarmach said...